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Jenzi Belly Boat 170 Model Jenzi Black

Art.No.: JE-8837000
Jenzi Belly Boat 170 Model Jenzi Black

Fully equipped belly boat by Jenzi.

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Manufacturer: Jenzi
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Jenzi Belly Boat 170 Model Jenzi Black

The special features such as protective edging, carrying-strap, high-pressure flooring, or rear mount – distinguish the Jenzi Belly-Boat 170 from most conventional Belly Boats on the market. Also the rod-holder, mounts for fish finder and fish finder monitor are standard included features.
The 170 cm length, the extra width of 116 cm, and the diameter of 34 cm provide for a stable and secure position in the water. The five air compartments in the boat, floor, and seat, as well as the screw open valve add the needed security when angling. An added security feature is the metal stabilizer rod in which the catching straps in the middle of the seat as well as the removable net / compartment wherein a measuring tape is integrated. The Belly-Boat is consctructed from strong tear-free PVC rubber-raft material with a 0,7 mm thickness. The boat has a load capacity of 150 kg, yet with plenty of reserve to spare.
Added advantages that other conventional boats do not have are the included attachable paddle as well as the special rear mount on to which an electric motor may be attached. These make it possible to move forward swiftly and with ease without the necessity of using flippers. To prevent damage to the most sensitive areas of the boat, protective edging made from thick non-abrasive material has been attached to the outside and to the underside of the boat. The Belly Boat also has adequate storage space. Both on the left and on the ride side you will find spacious pockets that are securely closeable due to Velcro and security clips, and are removable for transport. To top this off, there is an additional net hidden behind the seat as well as enough storage space for accessories and battery.


  • Length: 170 cm
  • Width: 116 cm
  • Float diameter: 34,5 cm
  • Load-capacity: 160 kg
  • Air compartments: 3+2 (3x in boat + 1x seat compartment + 1x floor)
  • Weight: approx. 18 kg
  • Material: PVC-Material (sturdy rubber-raft material)
  • Material thickness: 0,7 mm
  • Maximum air pressure: 0,25 bar
  • Air valve: 5 security valve with cap

Included accessories:

  • Carry-case
  • Repair set
  • Pump
  • Rod holder
  • Fish finder mount
  • Transducer mount
  • Rear mount for electric motor
  • Net / Compartment with tape measure
  • Carry-strap (for transporting the Belly Boat like a back-pack)
  • 2 paddles
  • 2 spacious pockets for accessories (2x side)
Manufacturer Jenzi
Material 0,7mm PVC
Width 116 cm
Product Belly Boat Jenzi
Weight 18,0 kg
Breaking Strain 160 kg
Length 170 cm
Color Black
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Current product Jenzi Belly Boat 170 Model Jenzi Black Jenzi Belly Boat 170 Model Jenzi Black
Art.No.: JE-8837000  out of stock
Fully equipped belly boat by Jenzi.
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