Fishing licenses for the Rhine

In our shop on site you get permits for the Rhine in NRW. Come along and let us advise you.

Fishing licenses for the Rhine in NRW (whole North Rhine-Westphalia)

In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia there are many opportunities for anglers to pursue their hobby. The diversity of waters ranges from lakes, canals and streams to the vast rivers of the Rhine. The same applies to the different fish stocks of non-predatory and predatory fish. The state of NRW owes this biodiversity not least to the local regulations of the State Fishing Law (LFischG) and the Land Fisheries Ordinance (LFischVO). These regulate by law for example the closed hunting seasons and the permissible types of fishing. According to the law, fishing in the state without a valid permit is prohibited. Anyone who fails to comply with this prohibition must reckon with a fine of up to 5,000 Euros. In severe cases, the competent courts can impose imprisonments. Official fishing permits and local permits are therefore much cheaper and save unpleasant consequences. Avoid unnecessary risk. We would like to inform you how to purchase fishing licenses. Find out what permissions you can get and what the costs are.

The fishing license for the Rhine in NRW

There are two different ways of choosing a permit for the Rhine. If you want to fish regularly and throughout the whole year, it pays off to have a general license. After issuance it is valid for the complete calendar year. In 2024, the fee for this is currently 40 Euros. In it's reduced version, you receive it for 20 Euros. If you are eligible for a discount, you must prove it. In addition to young people up to the age of 18, pensioners or severely handicapped persons are also entitled.
The second permit is the 3-day certificate, which is valid for three following calendar days. It is suitable, for example, if you are as a tourist in North Rhine-Westphalia or just want to fish on a few occasions. The cost for this permit is 12 euros (Effective 2024). You can easily buy the desired licences in our shop. If you have any questions about the purchase or use of the available permits, we are happy to help.

Fishing licenses, fishing tables and fishing permit

In order to get a license to fish on the Rhine, you need the German fishing permit. You will receive it after a successful fishery test. If you have both, this entitles you to fish in a specific area. The validity period of the permit does not change these limits. These include the main stream of the Rhine in NRW. For certain side and backwaters the permission does not apply. To fish here, you must contact the responsible person there. Note that these require current fishing licenses before issuing a regional permit. As a general rule always inform yourself before fishing on a body of water. Also, fishing licenses do not prevent accidental access to waters or sections of waters where fishing is prohibited. Prohibitions may also be temporary, for example, for the closed hunting season for fish stocks. In addition, it is important to note exactly which forms of fishing are permitted at the respective sections of the river.

What types of fishing are allowed for the Rhine?

Fishing licenses and appropriate permits entitle you to fish on the Rhine in the permitted manner. For example, it is generally forbidden to fish from a boat or other vehicle. Allowed is fishing from the shore as well as wading fishing. Approved fishing methods include fishing with a fly rod and a hook. It is also allowed to use Spinning rods with lures and their twin or triple hooks in one - or multiple finish. Alternatively, two handline fishing kits with a hook are allowed. Leaders with multiple hooks and more than two inserted fishing rods are prohibited. Basically, the use of living bait fish, the use of keep nets and throwing or lowering nets are prohibited. The current catch limits for the running year and the following years are indicated on the respective permit. In addition, the usual seasons for the different species of fish have to be considered and respected.
Always carry fishing licenses and the corresponding permits for the Rhine with you.

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