Welcome to the world of trout fishing, where precision and the right tackle can make the difference between success and failure. Discover our specialised trout soft lures, designed to enhance your fishing techniques and enrich your experience in all trout waters. Whether you're relaxing on the tranquil trout lake or spin fishing the lively rivers, our high quality rubber lures offer you the variety and quality you need. With a wide range of colours and shapes, our rubber lures are perfect for attracting the attention of wily predators.

Our selection of rubber lures for trout fishing

You'll find everything you need for a successful fishing experience in our selection of rubber lures for trout fishing. Discover our tips for fishing with soft lures, the best rigging techniques and the most effective methods for freshwater fishing to make your fishing adventures even more successful.

Choosing the perfect soft lure for trout fishing:

  • Size and shape: The size of the rubber bait should match the natural prey of the trout in the water in question. Small to medium-sized lures are often the most effective.
  • Choice of colour: The colour choice of the rubber bait can be decisive. Clear water conditions require more lifelike colours, while murkier waters may require more vibrant colours to attract the attention of trout.

Fishing techniques with soft lures:

  • Jigging: A popular method when fishing with rubber lures. This involves moving the lure in an up and down motion to imitate a fleeing prey.
  • Spin fishing: When spin fishing, the lure is cast out and reeled in smoothly or jerkily. This technique is particularly effective in rivers and streams.

Fitting and equipment:

  • Hooks and jigs: Choose the right size hook and jig head to ensure a natural presentation of the bait. Correct rigging increases the chance of bites.
  • Fishing rods and reels: A light to medium weight rod with a suitable reel is ideal for fishing for trout with rubber lures.

Tips for trout fishing in different waters:

  • River fishing: Pay attention to current conditions and choose lures that are easily visible in these conditions.
  • Trout area fishing: Experiment with different depths and lure presentations, as trout can be found at different depths depending on the weather and time of day.

Optimised bait presentation and guidance for more success

Based on our own extensive experience, we have found that mounting rubber lures on special trout hooks, such as the Jenzi Tasty Gum Trout trout hook, with tungsten beads as a weight is particularly effective. This combination enables a precise and flexible lure presentation that is ideal for trout fishing.

Practical tips on lure rigging:

  • Optimum mounting: rubber baits, such as rubber worms or various rubber larvae, can be mounted perfectly on the small hook. This fine tuning ensures a natural presentation that trout find irresistible.
  • Adjusting the weight: By using tungsten beads of different weights, you can vary the depth at which you fish. This allows you to react flexibly to the time of day and the position of the trout in the water.

Successful bait presentation:

Versatile retrieval techniques and strategic pauses are key to success. A slow retrieve of rubber lures often leads to bites. Adjusting the speed and aggressiveness of the lure presentation depending on the behaviour and activity of the trout can have a significant impact on success. Strategic pauses make it possible to let the soft lures sink deeper and then provoke attacks by accelerating the retrieve.

Our soft baits for trout are carefully selected and tested to give you the best results when trout fishing. Have fun and success on the water!

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