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Humminbird Helix 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS Fishfinder Echo sounder G3N

Art.No.: HB-410820-1M
Humminbird Helix 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS Fishfinder Echo sounder G3N
Brand new series with a huge 8" HD display that meet all your requirements.

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Manufacturer: Humminbird
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Humminbird Helix 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS Fishfinder Echo sounder G3N

The brand new Helix 8 G3N series is armed to the teeth with everything you need for hunting predators. Except a fishing rod, of course, you have to take it with you on your own.
Just like its big siblings, Series 9, 10 and 12, the Helix 8 features the new Dual Spectrum CHIRP, Mega Imaging, an Ethernet connection, Bluetooth and 2 card slots for MicroSD cards.

Mega Down Imaging

The photo-like images of the Mega Down Imaging are generated by high-frequency ultrasonic waves that are emitted in extremely thin transmission cones. The sonar echoes create a "snapshot" of just under the boat. Humminbird's exclusive software analyzes the echoes to pinpoint their position and ensure that only structure and activity is shown just under the boat, not one way or the other.

Ethernet G3N

The Ethernet connection of the G3N models allows you to establish communication between network-enabled Humminbird devices and, for example, 360° imaging transducers. Also, the i-Pilot-Link system can be optimally used with the help of the Ethernet connection, since this way the bow motors and rod anchors of Minn Kota can be controlled.


CHIRP stands for "Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse". How can you imagine this feature? CHIRP scans the waters for fish, much as a car radio automatically searches for broadcasters. Conventional transducers send individual sonar pulses to create a sonar image, CHIRP continuously transmits different sonar frequencies from low to high. Humminbird CHIRP offers broadband capability up to 28kHz - 540kHz. It unlocks your transducer and uses its full CHIRP capacity and its widest possible frequency range when scanning. Humminbird gives you the full spectrum at your feet. With this wide coverage, CHIRP creates a more detailed view of fish, structure and soil. Traditional sonar transducers keep you in the queue and you spend precious time with every sonar impulse. The Humminbird CHIRP transducers emit more pulses in a given period, shortening the processing time, as more impulses mean more information and a higher echo efficiency.

Dual Spectrum CHIRP

Do not be fooled by the beautiful pictures, because the real hero is our low Q CHIRP transducer with short pulse intervals! He uses more coverage to track fish and scan the ground and its structures. This workhorse is responsible for the sharp fish sickles and the clear object separation, just above the ground, so that the fish is clearly visible from its location environment. Dual Spectrum CHIRP is the best in its class and is standard on much of the current Humminbird Fishfinders.

Broad transmission cone - Maximum coverage
Use this mode to scan large areas or to observe your bait guidance during vertical jigging. Find deeper areas, structures, vegetation and fish.

Narrow transmission cone - Maximum details
Refine the view with the narrow cone. This makes a big difference, especially to recognize small fish and fish that are close to the ground or structures, to recognize them separately. Larger predatory fish are usually identifiable as long, sharply demarcated fish sickles, so you can react immediately with your bait presentation.

Technical features:

  • Display Pixel Matrix: 800H x 480V
  • Display Type: 8" (20,3cm) HD Color TFT with 256 colors
  • Display Colors Grayscale: 16-bit
  • Sonar Standard: Mega Down Imaging, Dual Spectrum CHIRP
  • Sonar Optional: 50kHz & 50/Low Airmar CHIRP
  • Target Separation: 2.5" (6,3cm)
  • Power Output RMS: 1000 Watts
  • Power Output Peak to Peak: 8000 Watts
  • Temperature: built-in Transducer
  • Speed: GPS Speed included
  • Backlight: LED
  • Mounting Options: Gimbal or Optional In-Dash
  • Transducer Standard: XNT 9 HW MDI 75 T
  • Max. depth included transducer: 365m - 1200ft.
  • Max. depth separate transducer: 1000m - 3500ft.
  • Transducer Mounting: Transom
  • Power Input: 10.8-20 VDC
  • Power Draw: 1 Amp.
  • GPS Receiver: included
  • GPS Tracking: included
  • GPS Chartplotting: included
  • Waypoints, Routes, Tracks/Points: 2.750, 45, 50/20.000
  • Humminbird Basemap: included
  • Navionics+: optional
  • Navionics Platinum+: optional
  • 360° Imaging: compatible
  • i-Pilot Link: compatible
  • Radar: compatible
  • NMEA2000: optional
  • Precision GPS: included
  • Heading Sensor GPS: compatible
  • AIS Compatability: optional
  • SwitchFire Sonar: included
  • Screen Snap Shot: included
  • Sonar Recording: included
  • Upgradable Internal Software: yes
  • Split Screen Zoom: included
  • Split Screen Bottom Lock: included
  • 3D Chart View: included
  • View Preset Keys: not supported
  • Temperature Graph: included
  • Temperature Alarm: included
  • Real Time Sonar: included
  • X-Press Menu System: included
  • Card Reader: yes
  • # Card Slots: 2

  • SwitchFire With SwitchFire™ you can choose between 2 possible options of displaying sonar echoes. Thanks to this unique function you are able to react on all these different fishing conditions expecting you under water, so your down oriented sonar is an even more valuable help when fishing.
    Clear mode: Echoes of fish and structures are filtered and displayed, whereby disturbances are reduced.
    Maximal mode: Sonar echoes are displayed extremely detailled, whereby even tiniest objects and streams are visible.
  • 360° Imaging The new 360° Imaging offers a detailled 360° view under your boat. Like Side Imaging and Down Imaging before, 360° Imaging grants you an unbelievable and unique view into the underwater world in a very new style. With 360° around your boat and 45 metres in every direction.
    You can choose between 5 circulation speeds, the angle of the searched area and the direction of circulation to give yourself a crutial advantage.
    Optionally available.
  • Mega Down Imaging The photo-like pictures of the Mega Down Imaging are generated by high-frequency ultrasonic waves, that get radiated in waferthin transmitter cones. Then the sonar echoes create a snapshot of the conditions directly under your boat. Humminbird's exclusive software analyses these echoes to exactly define their positions and to proof, that only structures and activities from directly underneath your boat are displayed, and not these to one or the other side.
  • AutoChart Live With Humminbird's own AutoChart Software marine charts are created with your own sonar recordings in 3 easy steps. It's that simple:
    Record the sonar data on one of the inserted SD cards while driving up and down on the waters you'd like to survey. Load the recorded data via cable or SD card on your PC and just convert the data with the AutoChart Software in a detailled marine chart. Export the converted chart on an AutoChart ZeroLine SD card and use your own private marine chart on your Humminbird device. If the storage isn't big enough or you want to share copies of your chart with friends, this is possible by purchasing additional ZeroLine SD cards.
Display Pixel Matrix 800 x 480
Manufacturer Humminbird
Display Colors 256
Display Type HD Color TFT
Sonartype CHIRP Mega Down Imaging / CHIRP Digital Sonar / Dual Spectrum
GPS integrated
Cartography optional
Series Helix 8 G3N
Network connection yes
Display Size 20,3 cm (8")
Product Helix 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS
Color Black
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Current product Humminbird Helix 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS Fishfinder Echo sounder G3N Humminbird Helix 8 CHIRP Mega DI GPS Fishfinder Echo sounder G3N
Art.No.: HB-410820-1M  in stock
Brand new series with a huge 8" HD display that meet all your requirements.
1.169,00 €*
(1.169,00 €/Stück)