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Daiwa Baitcasting reel Tatula HD 200HL LTD

Art.No.: DW-10710-225
Daiwa Baitcasting reel Tatula HD 200HL LTD

Uncompromising user with heavy lures and thick, braided lines.

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Manufacturer: Daiwa
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Daiwa Baitcasting reel Tatula HD 200HL LTD

The Tatula 200HL LTD has been especially designed for uncompromising application with heavy lures and thick braided lines.
The extra-strong brass gear also withstands the use of heavy shads of 25-30cm. Thanks to the TWS system the casting distance is increased by up to 10%, which is caused by the reduced line friction. Thanks to the 7 CRBB this reel is also the proper choice for fishing in brackish water, e.g. the Bodden or the Swedish skerries. The Air Rotation gear cares for a silky-smooth running.

  • 7 CRBB® ball bearings
  • T-Wing system (TWS™)
  • UTD drag system
  • Magforce® magnet drag system
  • Star drag with click-system
  • CNC cut gear
  • Aluminum body
  • 100mm aluminum handle
  • Soft-touch handle knob
  • Left hand version

  • T-Wing System T-Wing System T-Wing System Daiwa's T-Wing System solves an age old problem with baitcasting reel levelwind systems. The „T“ aperture allows line to flow freely through the wide top section on outcast, reducing the normally sharp angles, and friction that slow line flowing through a narrow aperture when exiting the reel. For retrieve line drops in the narrow, lower channel of the T-Wing for even distribution across the spool width.
    With ordinary levelwind reels, line coming of the spool ends is forced through the line guide at a sharp angle. The result is casting friction, especially when the line guide is parked on one side of the reel. The T-Wing‘s wider aperture means reduced angles and less line friction from any position.
  • Ultimate Tournament Drag The Ultimate Tournament Drag ensures a perfect interaction between drag control, drag power and supersoft drawing of the line.
  • Magforce 3D System The Magforce 3D system offers you the choice, how far the magnets are placed from the spool, therefore adjusting the drag strength. By the switch you can adjust the drag in 3 steps:
    MAX BRAKE Provides maximum magnetic braking - very helpful when casting into the wind or with big wind-resistant baits.
    ALL ROUND Slightly reducing the inductor cup's movement into the magnetic field provides a reduced braking action at maximum speed. Perfect allround setting for most apllications.
    LONG CAST The magnets move to the furthest distance from the inductor, so magnetic braking is minimized for maximum spool speed - great for longer distance.
  • Magforce Cast Control Highly precise casting control system, which prevents tanglings. It controls the centrifugal force of the spool during the first half of the cast, when the threat of tanglings is very high. Afterwards it reduces the resistance automatically and therefore enables longer casts, since less drag pressure is exerted at the spool.
  • Multi reel left Left hand version
Line/Handle Turn 71 cm
Reel weight 230,0 g
Gear Ratio 6.3:1
Material Aluminium
Manufacturer Daiwa
Line Capacity 180 m / 0,32 mm
Product Tatula HD 200HL LTD
Color Black
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Current product Daiwa Baitcasting reel Tatula HD 200HL LTD Daiwa Baitcasting reel Tatula HD 200HL LTD
Art.No.: DW-10710-225  out of stock
Uncompromising user with heavy lures and thick, braided lines.
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